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Payment Options

At The Dental School, we understand how challenging it can be to finance Further Education. Thats why we are placed to offer 2 payment options to support you to fulfil your career aspirations without worrying about the finances.

If you are a practice looking to fund the course on behalf of your team member, please speak to a member of The Dental School's team who will share our corporate pricing with you.

Interest Free*
We are able to offer interest free payment plans* to learners in the following way:

Course Fee:                               £750
Exam Fee:                                  £205
VAT:                                               £191
Total Fee:                                    £1,146

Initial Payment:                        £246

Balance Remaining:             £900

x6 Monthly Instalments.      £150.00
Our Interest free payment plans  are not a loan agreement, but this payment plan forms part of your Terms and Conditions.

*Payment plan is not available to practices. Speak to a member of the team who will be able to offer you a bespoke arrangement.

In Full
Simply pay the full balance (£1,146) of the course, via a Bank Transfer to The Dental School

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