Cancellation Policy

Before you book 


You should be aware that there is a 14-day cooling off period.


If you choose not to proceed with the course in that 14-day period, 90% of any fee paid will be refunded if one was paid. Once outside of this 14-day period, the full balance of the course will be due in line with the payment plan that has been agreed. 


You are responsible for meeting your obligations in relation to your payment plan monthly, even if you have 


a) Left the course or 

b) deferred to a later course 

c) been removed from the course


After you book


Cancellation deadlines for receiving refunds are measured from either when:


a) the deposit is paid or 

b) the completed application form is returned, whichever is sooner. 


If you want to know what your refund will be, please contact the person that enrolled you on to the course. If you are within the initial 14-day period, please complete the 


How to cancel


To cancel your course, you must write to the person that enrolled you on to the course. This will be either or .