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FAQ Diploma - Learner


Do I have to pay for the course?


In most cases our learners will fund the course for themselves. There are some instances where a practice will fund the course on behalf of the learner, but this is rare. All fees can be found on our website – www.thedentalschool.org


What finance options are available?


The Dental School offers payment plans that we administer. We also work in partnership with Kandoo. Kandoo is a credit broker working with over 900 lenders to give you the most competitive finance options on the market. Full details can be found on the website or by speaking with a member of our enrolment team.


Will you find me a job if I enrol?


We work closely with a number of dental practices to support our learners to secure employment as a Trainee Dental Nurse. It is incredibly important to remember that The Dental School cannot guarantee that we will find you a role as we cannot make hiring decisions on behalf of dental practices. 


However, we will support you with interview prep and will adjust your CV where necessary. You must do the following also:


  1. Apply for Trainee Dental Nurse positions via jobs boards (Indeed, Reed, CV Library, Total Jobs, Job Centre)

  2. Research the dental practices in your area and make contact with them directly

  3. Utilise social media, specifically the Dental Nurse groups. These are a great way to let people know that you are seeking a position


What support will I receive during the course?


During the course you will have access to highly skilled tutors. They will guide you through the course ensuring your understanding at each stage. The course is structured in a way to allow you to learn a theoretical topic and then put that in to practice in the surgery.


You will have regular 121’s with your tutor during the course to make sure that you are on track, to share your progress and agree actions moving forward.


Do I have to travel for learning?


No. All of our courses are taught online.


When do I attend learning sessions?


Learning sessions are conducted monthly via Zoom. These sessions are recorded, so should you miss one, you will still be able to watch it at a later date.


Is there coursework that I have to complete?


Yes, these are known as PERs or Practical Experience Records. These are based around the learning sessions delivered by Zoom with your Tutor.


What happens if I don’t find a practice?


In most cases our learners have begun working in a dental practice within the first 3 months of being enrolled on the course. In instances where a learner has not found a position, the most important thing is to not panic! 


We will organise a call between you and the Recruitment team to work up a strategy to find you a role. Things may have changed since our initial conversation, we may need to complete some more interview prep so that you are able to showcase yourself in the very best way, or we may need to adjust the search criteria. Whatever the situation, we are confident that between you looking for a role for yourself and The Dental School searching for a role for you, we will be able to secure you a role.


How long does the course last?


The course lasts for 12 months.


Is this the NEBDN course?


Yes, The Dental School is accredited to deliver the NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing. 


Can I register with the GDC after?


Yes, once all coursework and both exams have been taken and passed, you will be eligible to register with the GDC.


What qualification to I get at the end of the course?


Once the course is complete and you have taken and passed both exams, you will be awarded a Diploma in Dental Nursing.


Do I have to work full time to complete the course?


No. May of our learners work part time and successfully complete the course. We recommend that you work at least 2 days per week or 16 hours per week in order to complete the course.


Are there any hidden fees?


No. The course is priced at £1850 plus VAT. The exam fee is included in this.


Do I have to have specific grades to join?


No. All that is required is that you have a good grasp of English and Maths.


How do I enrol?


You should complete the application form that has either been sent to you or the version that you have downloaded from the website. Once complete, you should pay your deposit and exam using the payment option on the website. Once the deposit and exam fee and completed application form have been received, you will receive the enrolment information. 

What if my circumstances changed and I can no longer complete the course?


The most important thing is to keep The Dental School informed of your personal situation. If you circumstances change after the 14-day cooling off period, you will be responsible for the course fee. In these circumstances, we would arrange a call with you to establish what has changed and create a plan of action where necessary.


When will I be contacted by The Dental School?


Once your application form, deposit and exam fee have been received, you will receive an email detailing what to do next. These emails are sent on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Do I need to purchase textbooks?


There are 3 textbooks needed to enable you to successfully complete the course. The Dental School provide you with a digital copy of each textbook for free. Should you prefer to have a paper copy of the textbooks, you will be required to purchase them yourself. 


Do I get any time off of work to complete my studies?


No, employers are not required to provide you with study time during working hours. 


What happens if I don’t pass my exams?


The Dental School will do everything it its power to ensure you are ready for your Exam. We will never put you forward for your exam if we feel that you aren’t ready. In the unlikely event that you don’t pass your exam, you can apply for a resit. 


In these situations, you or the fee payer will be responsible for paying the resit fee. This fee is payable to NEBDN not The Dental School


Where do I have to go for my exams?


Exams are held at a variety of locations across the UK. Your exam location will be selected at the beginning of your course.


How are the exams conducted?


There are 2 exams. Firstly, a theoretical exam followed by a Practical assessment. Due to Covid the written exams are taking place online.


Will I get a placement after I complete the course?


Typically, the practice that you have completed your training in will already have agreed for you to remain in employment once you have completed your studies.


What rate of pay can I expect as a trainee?


This depends upon the practice. As they are the employer, they will make the offer to you. Usually this is National Minimum Wage until you qualify.


Will I receive a pay rise once qualified?


Usually this is the case. As The Dental School are not your employer, we are unable to confirm whether this will or won’t happen. 


Do I need any vaccinations?


Yes, HepB. You will be required to have the full course of vaccination within the first 4 weeks of working in the practice.


Will I have to have a background check?


You do not need to have a background check, or DBS to study the course, but you will need to have one to work in a dental practice.


Can I become a Dental Nurse if I have any convictions?


Yes, although it depends upon the conviction. In these situations, you should let the recruitment team know so that we can assess your situation individually.


Is it safe to work in Dental Practices while COVID19 is still present?


By law, Dental Practices are required to follow strict guidelines and routines. While a practice can never guarantee that you will not come in to contact with COVID19, if you follow the guidelines, the risk will be significantly reduced.


English is not my first language; will I have to have a language test?


No, the recruitment team will assess your level of spoken and written English prior to enrolling you on to the course.


Are you able to offer Sponsorship to live and work in the UK while studying for my Diploma?




What are the benefits of completing the Diploma instead of an Apprenticeship?


  1. With the apprenticeship, you will be paid ‘Apprentice National Minimum Wage’ for the first year, regardless of your age, with this increasing to National Minimum Wage from your second year of employment.

  2. The Diploma is centered around you completing course work, followed by 2 exams. The apprenticeship has coursework, 4 exams and an end point assessment.

  3. The apprenticeship requires you that have a grade C/4 or above to enrol on to the course. The Diploma doesn’t.

  4. If you have prior experience as a trainee dental nurse, you will not be eligible to enrol on to an Apprenticeship. The diploma does not have this restriction.